birds and bees in a sentence

1 Its appeal to the birds and bees is obvious.

2 I dunno nuffink about the birds and bees .

3 The birds and bees … revisited.

4 Lord Dharma gave him this punishment for having tortured birds and bees in his childhood.

5 The exhibit was replaced by ” Birds and Bees ” in late May, 2009.

6 He was deputed to explain to us the intricacies of the birds and bees .

7 Birds and bees have color vision, enabling them to seek out “colorful” flowers.

8 Description: For many parents a dreaded discussion – sex, bodies, and the birds and bees .

9 I love wild, overflowing gardens that attract birds and bees –but I could do without the gophers!

10 In late May, 2009, the ” Birds and Bees ” exhibit opened in the former butterfly exhibit.

11 Birds and bees , flora and fauna have all inspired designers at the forefront of 2013’s trend for gentle organic decor.

12 It offers 1025 square metres of greenery and, as well as attracting birds and bees and increasing plant diversity in this very built-up area of the city, the living wall also helps to insulate the building and reduce the urban heat island effect.

13 Guarded by birds and bees , anyone who eats the berries will be free of sickness and feel the liveliness of wine and the satisfaction of mead in them.

14 Best of all, the wildlife is back; ladybirds, butterflies, birds and bees , even frogs are all to be seen.