biologically in a sentence

“This is biologically plausible as alcohol is a teratogen which causes damage to the developing brain,” Barbara Lucas told Reuters Health in an email.

However, in certain cases, uncoupling may be biologically useful.

biologically speaking, Darwin wrote, he could “find nothing of interest.”

Many groups were thought to be biologically similar, but culturally distinct.

The claim assumes that sex cannot both be biologically imperative and pleasurable.

The Tugars are biologically very close to humans, and can contract some of the same diseases.

Many respond to ” placebo ” interventions (biologically inactive though psychologically active).

One particularly catastrophic attempt to biologically control this species occurred on South Pacific Islands.

By 1991, when the series began, Verne was about 8 years old (biologically) and settled in very well to the 1990s.

Animate nouns include all biologically animate entities, as well as some items not thought of as biologically animate.

biologically, our perceptual faculties are pre-wired, but they require environmental stimuli in order to develop correctly.

EuropaBio – biologically better bread By adding an enzyme called maltogenic amylase to the flour, bread stays fresher longer.

Australia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, with a large portion of species endemic to Australia.

biologically, the Black Hills is a meeting and mixing place, with species common to regions to the east, west, north, and south.