Billow in a sentence

Use Billow in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] move in the wind; to rise in a round mass;

Black smoke also billowed from the building.

A plume of steam and smoke could be seen billowing from its top.

A large cloud of smoke from the fire billowed into the sky on Saturday.

Firefighters arrived to find smoke billowing and a man calling for help.

Just dust was billowing up, and it moved slowly northwards through a field.

On Sunday, a thin column of smoke was still billowing from a hill near the hamlet.

Just when I think the mist is billowing away, they are swept away again in its tide.

He began with a billowing white shirt and high-waisted cigarette pants, simply yet expertly cut.

I was holding a scarf over my face to stop myself inhaling the dust billowing around us as we drove.

A fire also broke out in the basement of the building, and smoke was billowing out into the streets.