Bilk in a sentence

Use Bilk in a sentence

Bilk ;

Meaning: [ verb] cheat; defraud ;

His scam operation bilked $1.2 million out of U.S. taxpayers.

The pair were found guilty of bilking more than 2,000 investors of up to $200 million.

Hurwitz, who says Chanin bilked him out of $2 million in pay, went motorcycling across India.

That said, things like wage theft regularly go unpunished, while bilking workers out of vastly greater sums.

No, pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli was arrested for bilking some of his other companies out of millions of dollars.

That includes Celia Mitchell, who was was arrested and convicted of grand larceny for bilking clients out of nearly $160K.

Some personal finance bloggers have complained about the fees and charged that Orman is using her influence to bilk her fans.

Liberal MP David McGuinty also piled on, asking when the Conservatives would stop “bilking taxpayers for partisan self-promotion.”

She later spent four years incarcerated in a U.S prison for her part in a phone scam that bilked elderly people out of millions of dollars.

Durham and two Fair Finance associates were convicted in 2012 of bilking investors in Akron, Ohio-based Fair Finance out of more than $200 million.