big smile in a sentence

Donna threw another big smile around the table.

Do older children have bigger smiles than younger children?

She has such a nice, big smile .

She had a big smile and a wonderful laugh.

He had a big smile on his face.

From entering we were greeted with a big smile .

He’ll walk around with a big smile lol.

He seemed perfectly at ease and wore a big smile .

Then see the biggest smile spread across her face.

When I nodded it was big smiles and hand shaking.

Even a big smile can render the system less effective.

You can see his big smile here.

Danny always greeted us with a big smile .

I finished it with a big smile !

She had the biggest smile in the world!

I’m sure I was still smiling the biggest smile ever.

He beamed a big smile full of silver teeth.

I’ve got a big smile on my face.

Now give me a big smile , baby!

For example, do girls or boys have bigger smiles ?

We all finished with big smiles on our faces.

He has a big smile on his face every day .

The photo with her big smile says it all.

His face morphed into a big smile .