Bias in a sentence

use Bias in a sentence


[noun] A preference which prevents one from being objective; prejudice;

One must become aware of one’s own cultural biases in order to understand other cultures from the inside.

Due to observer bias, it is extremely difficult to obtain accurate and objective observations.

Lawyers are interviewing prospective members of the jury to determine if anyone may have a possible bias against the accused.

The villagers had a bias against any newcomer.

Gary works with both PCs and Macs, but has a strong bias towards Macs.

My own teaching style has a strong bias towards vocabulary development.

The ref is obviously biased against us, his brother is on the other team.

[verb] to cause to be biased;

His comments about Tom bias you against him.

[verb] Influence in an unfair way;

Don’t let the fact that you know my son bias you when you are choosing kids for the team.

The researcher discussed the goals of the study with one of the subjects, thereby biasing the results.