Beseech in a sentence

use Beseech in a sentence


[verb] to ask for or request earnestly

Odie stood up on all four paws, his shiny brown eyes beseeching her not to leave him behind.

I beseech you to withdraw your objection.

In closing, he had written, ” We beseech you to accept our offer. “

Close and reopen Internet Explorer, and the Microsoft browser will once again beseech you to let it be your default browser.

We beseech you to forgive our sins — against the old and young, against the born and unborn.

Lying on the ground, I beseeched God for help.

The fans beseeched a reporter to convey to Vizquel how sorry they were.

They beseeched us with soft, pleading voices.

At the outbreak of World War II, U.S. President Roosevelt beseeched the soldiers to refrain from the ” inhuman barbarism ” of bombing civilian centers.