benchmark in a sentence

The university has embraced several challenging sustainability benchmarks .

A good benchmark is around 12 hours.

There are four important guidelines to running benchmarks properly.

Monitor web server performance and create benchmarks regularly.

The benchmark estimates are based on economic census data.

The table above offers some useful benchmarks .

Not a few benchmarks are erroneously stamped.

Specific benchmarks for fundraising were agreed upon.

The observed prices serve as valuation benchmarks .

These benchmarks were incorporated into energy savings calculations.

Contractors must now establish annual hiring benchmarks .

That is a far more reasonable benchmark .

The other benchmarks are discussed briefly below.

CIS develops security benchmarks through a global consensus process.

The benchmarks selected were: 13 1.

An international benchmark on success cases was also conducted.

The government released benchmark revisions with the report.

The final review establishes a benchmark for offer decisions.