bellarmine in a sentence

Bellarmine University completes 60 years of operation.

Bellarmine is the oldest high school in California.

Cardinal Bellarmine said a nice thing there.

Knights Hall is home to Bellarmine basketball and volleyball teams.

ECAC member Bellarmine is receiving votes in both polls this week .

At its first commencement in 1954, Bellarmine graduated 42 students.

Bellarmine also competes against local schools in the Coast Forensic League.

The chapel is the home to the Bellarmine Catholic Parish.

Bellarmine Centro will be the main hub of the university.

In early 17th-century terms, it was Bellarmine who was right.

He won 10 -of-17 faceoffs at Bellarmine Saturday.

A unique Bellarmine coach was Bob Valvano.

Garnet studied under the theologian Father Robert Bellarmine .

The 2014 season was Bellarmine‘s last in ECAC Lacrosse.

Alma Mater Bellarmine , so grows our love for you.

Bellarmine University has been led by three Presidents: Msgr.

Most premillennial dispensationalists now accept Bellarmine‘s interpretation in modified form.

He had two goals and an assist for three points at Bellarmine .

Bellarmine fields a Knowledge Masters Open and Quiz Bowl team.

Bellarmine outshot the Buckeyes , 33-28, Saturday night.

We have also noted that Bellarmine‘s position rendered any such accommodation impossible.

Accordingly, Bellarmine lacrosse will begin SoCon play in the 2015 season.