behind schedule in a sentence

I am a few mile behind schedule .

But the project is already years behind schedule .

The production encountered difficulties and slipped behind schedule .

The project is running about 3 1⁄2 years behind schedule .

The program is at least three years behind schedule .

That report was completed in 2012 – five years behind schedule .

The Community is therefore currently behind schedule .

Running a little behind schedule one morning?

It was behind schedule and over budget.

The film quickly fell behind schedule and went over budget.

Most of the landings occurred behind schedule .

And they are behind schedule in delivering.

It’s nearly two hours behind schedule .

I think it means being about 15 minutes behind schedule .

Is the effort on schedule or behind schedule ?

But we made it, almost 3 hours behind schedule .

Ground operations were well behind schedule and the troops worn.

The destruction of the chemical weapons fell well behind schedule .

Supplies were received behind schedule , mainly due to the war.

In the next month, the production began falling behind schedule .

When behind schedule , they are given priority at traffic signals.

After one month of shooting Hawks was seven days behind schedule .

Your project is behind schedule because approvals took a long time?

I quickly learned why the Shuttle was so far behind schedule .

The game went gold that August, nine months behind schedule .