Bayou: in a sentence

Definition of Bayou

slow-moving creek or swamp in the southeast US that moves very slowly and has many water plants

Use Bayou in a sentence

He then drove slowly out the backside of campus along the bayou full of alligators.

Big Hill Bayou opens to fishing on the first Monday after the close of duck season.

As I came around the side, I saw something in the water out in the bayou. I went down to the pier to look closer and saw that it was a small boat.

Sometimes Randall took the boys fishing in the bayou.

I looked back to the bayou and saw dozens of boats, hundreds of them maybe, glowing in the near-dark like candles.

He told his papa that he seen some pirogues in the bayou movin’ all by themself.

There was not enough water in the bayou to sink the cow.

Bass, of course, aren’t the only fish in the bayou. The upper reaches of Taylor Bayou has a good crappie population.

An arm discovered in the bayou near the Jensen Street Bridge is thought by authorities to belong to a man seen yesterday clinging to an oak limb in a torrent following flash flooding this weekend.