battleship in a sentence

His early commissioned service was spent aboard battleships .

These air battleships deployed poison gas bombs.

No country has any battleships anymore today.

Their strength was equivalent to several battleships .

The next major important naval target was the battleships .

The battleships quickly closed and sank four.

This time three more battleships were added.

The old battleship Rodney was rolling along nicely.

Traditional naval doctrine envisioned naval combat fought between opposing battleship gun lines.

battleship is quite a busy city in itself.

July 1942 both battleships and carriers received them.

I think battleships are better for comparison.

The first attack wave targets airfields and battleships .

The escort included four battleships and two aircraft carriers.

The return fire from the battleship missed clearly.

Everything from landing craft to battleships were targeted.

The battleships and cruisers were fully armored against 5 in projectiles.

The mistake allowed the battleship to reach port.

Other air attacks damage two other battleships .

Its speed and firepower rendered all existing battleships obsolete.

The repaired U.S. battleships primarily provided fire support for amphibious landings.