On certain battlefields animal sounds are used.

The clan system mapped onto battlefield organization.

New combat engine with “dynamic battlefield “.

The entire country has become a battlefield .

Soon dense black powder smoke covered the battlefield .

Three vehicles were tested for 285 simulated battlefield days.

The battlefield stretched for nearly 4 mi.

Bangladesh turns battlefield as opposition rallies against election .

One unavoidable decision on overall battlefield coordination remained.

In actual battlefield situations, such precise aiming was virtually impossible.

Wednesday night’s battlefield is already level.

But the battlefield toll of brain injury is significant.

Detailed accounts by battlefield commanders from 1914 are surprisingly rare.

It probably does still have biological toxins and battlefield chemical munitions.

Physical courage is very common on the battlefield .

Physical courage is common on a battlefield .

The final battlefield of our latest offensive push.

battlefield is not your ordinary gun game!

The remaining dead are left on the battlefield .

The infantry was also of high battlefield value.

The most common battlefield injury was being wounded by enemy fire.

His regiment distinguished itself in the battlefield .

Several battlefield memorials were erected over time.

A romantic battlefield or a beautiful risk?

He received a battlefield commission in 1943.