bathroom in a sentence

The little girl had been drinking pop all afternoon and was desperate to find a bathroom.

She lives in an enormous house, with 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool.

After drinking too much my head was spinning, and I ended up in the bathroom throwing up.

All of a sudden, Henry bolted from the room, and then we heard him vomiting in the bathroom.

He lives in a huge mansion which has 10 bedrooms and gold-plated kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

If you think you’re going to hurl, run to the bathroom because I’m not going to clean up your puke.

In Islamic cultures, the right hand is used for eating, while the left is used for bathroom functions only.

The young girl went into the bathroom to compose herself after her boyfriend told her he wanted to break up.

She wrote “I love you” on the steamed up mirror of the bathroom after they stepped out of the shower together.

All the hotels in this brochure have private bathrooms (with tubs or shower stalls), and include breakfast in the cost.

She put a note on the bathroom door as a reminder to her husband to pick up some chicken for supper on the way home from work.

They accidentally left their cat in the bathroom all weekend, and when they came home it had made a gross mess all over the floor.

Went I took my son to the movies, he had to go to the bathroom right at the climax of the film, so we missed the most important part.

Her grandfather has to wear a sort of adult diaper because he can’t go to the bathroom without help, and sometimes she doesn’t get to him in time.