batch in a sentence

A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough.

This record was itself broken by the 2007 batch.

These aircraft were to be delivered in five batches.

So kilns always made 25-30 tonnes of lime in a batch.

;F8C-3 Falcon: Second production batch of Navy Falcons.

This helps ensure consistent results from batch to batch.

batch file line limit is 512 for QEMM versions up to 6.02.

This “batch map” is an array of radio numbers, one per packet.

DVD commentary, “Additional Scenes,” Gremlins 2: The New batch.

On 29 April 1896, Colebatch married Mary Maude Saunders in Perth.

The initial export batch was 525 Defender 110 County Station Wagons.

The third batch were to be 10 Su-30MKIs featuring canard foreplanes.

These egg masses can be anywhere from 100 to 1000 eggs in one batch.

From the batch of about 25, 10 were handpicked for the Mumbai mission.

However, the 2007 batches will not overlap, as with the previous year’s.

At present, a student of 05 batch, is the president of this organization.

Moreover, sequential spam batches often use different and unrelated URLs.

A solution was found by 2004, when another new batch of trains was ordered.

One batch of herbs is typically decocted twice over the course of one hour.