baseball in a sentence

We played baseball.

Pro baseball is interesting these days.

I prefer soccer to baseball.

He is a member of the baseball club.

I like playing baseball.

The New York Yankees swept the 2000 World Series of baseball 4 games to 1.

We played baseball yesterday.

He is content with his life as a baseball player.

Let’s play baseball after school.

The man shook his fist at the young boys who had broken his living room window with their baseball.

He is a famous baseball player.

I saw him playing baseball.

They are going to play baseball after school.

We played baseball until it was too dark to see the ball any more.

baseball player Satchel Paige once remarked, “Don’t look back.

Something might be gaining on you.

Let’s play a game of baseball.

I want to see baseball on television this evening.

In 1929, the New York Yankees became the first baseball team to introduce numbers sewn on the backs of players’ jerseys.

I belong to the baseball team.

He is much the best baseball player in our school.

I preferred baseball to football in my childhood.

He prefers football to baseball.

He has got baseball on the brain.

Fans scrambled for the baseball that was hit over the fence.

We’re going to play baseball tomorrow.

Don’t play baseball in the park.

The baseball game was canceled because of the heavy rain.

I spent two hours watching a baseball game on TV last night.

The player curled his fingers around the baseball bat, and stepped up to the plate.

The boys have a decided advantage over the girls in the baseball game because they’ve been practising for weeks.