barracks in a sentence

The barracks room accommodated approximately 20 men.

I followed signs past abandoned barracks and empty streets.

New barracks were built and rations increased.

The remaining troops were relocated to another barracks .

The former barracks was renovated and partly converted.

The barracks were small and provided little insulation.

The barracks had an open air swimming pool.

The infantry barracks were originally composed of twin buildings.

Each party maintained separate barracks and outposts.

Modern barracks were springing up around post.

barracks , containing twelve apartments accommodated 120 soldiers.

By 1924, seven such barracks had been built.

The barracks was dedicated 15 March 2013.

The barracks were about half a mile away.

Some had barracks and medical centres for migrants.

Male students burned down the barracks as unfit dormitories.

Right beside it was a small naval barracks .

He fights through the heavily defended barracks and supply areas.

barracks and other permanent structures were built.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the barracks attack.

In 1836 a powder magazine was built below the barracks .

The security barriers were removed and soldiers returned to barracks .

Each of these barracks kept around 250 prisoners.

The west barracks was built in 1856 from native limestone.

The troops lived in barracks with sanitary facilities.