baritone in a sentence

18 Duet (Tenor & baritone) – Lord, behold he whom thou lovest *No.

The famous baritone Jorge Chaminé frequently gives master classes there.

By 1960, the bass-baritones had largely supplanted the baritones in most corps.

It is regarded as one of the most perfect tenor/baritone performances of all time.

It also led to the baritone being viewed as a separate voice category from the bass.

The most famous “aria” from this opera is Largo al Factotum, sung by Figaro ( baritone ).

Additionally, Satterfield played baritone saxophone to brighten the section’s sound for certain parts.

Klein 1903, 413. The American baritone David Bispham thought De Lucia admirable in Fra Diavolo that year.

In ballads and country songs he belts out full-voiced high G’s and A’s that an opera baritone might envy.

Gerhart Thrasher became first tenor, Andrew Thrasher was now the baritone, and Bill Pinkney shifted down to bass.

Pride’s smooth baritone voice was featured on thirty-six number-one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

The album is characterized by post-punk influenced guitars, dark synthesizers and Healy’s deep, gothic baritone vocals.

Korn Equipment List Equipment for Korn After leaving Korn, Welch mostly uses custom-built baritone guitars from Ibanez.

Meanwhile, the bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone and bass are playing the second theme from the third movement.

Sharp, p. 6 In February 1876, baritone Lithgow James Biography of St. John’s 2nd husband, Lithgow James joined the company.

Eventually the exception became the rule and Jack Pittman somewhere along the line officially became the groups baritone singer.

A barbershop baritone has a specific and specialized role in the formation of the four-part harmony that characterizes the style.