barefoot in a sentence

Julien passes completely barefoot among many great hard rocks.

There are too many barefoot shoes with hybrid.

My friends went barefoot and loved wearing vintage clothing.

Adults and children were walking around barefoot .

Running barefoot requires longer period of training .

Recent research has shown that barefoot walking is healthy.

Control group walked the hallway ten times barefoot .

There are many health benefits to going barefoot .

Go barefoot whenever possible while indoors but not elsewhere.

Johnny is always barefoot but dressed for success.

The sight of this man barefoot was heartbreaking.

Something heavy and barefoot was padding around the conservatory.

Afghanistan orally became its barefoot variety and used national dishes.

Approach barefoot running as a training modality.

I came to barefoot running after exhausting traditional medical treatments.

For millions of years humans went their entire lives barefoot .

Once home he began running barefoot for fun.

Women walked barefoot around her round temple with offerings.

A bit about barefoot running in #10 below.

Many singers and dancers perform on stage barefoot .

There are health risks and benefits associated with going barefoot .

He does not wear footwear and plays soccer barefoot .

She had no sandals and walked barefoot .

Another tool used in barefoot water skiing is the barefoot boom.