bardic in a sentence

Gaelic literature derives from bardic verses celebrating heroes and political leaders.

The tradition arose out of early bardic oral historians.

The ” bardic arts” are also popular.

bardic name may also result from a nickname.

Bards receive more skill points and bardic music abilities.

The Handbook contains a good balance between information and bardic material.

I’m not influenced by Welsh bardic poetry.

The use of bardic Gift is usually embedded in performing music.

His contributions were poetry style that was essentially a bardic tradition in nature.

Her research interests include onomastics, medieval Irish literature and bardic poetry.

This is one of the last eyewitness accounts of the bardic culture.

Generally, poetry is presented in “The bardic Path” section.

Also the bardic Wells Meadery is open by appointment.

It was a government of gift-giving and bardic lawmen.

Many Welsh schools conduct their own annual versions at which bardic traditions are emulated.

Today, the bardic tradition is reflected in the nightly Medieval Banquet.

It is unmatched in any other folk music or bardic tradition in Europe.

bardic verses traditionally celebrated the clarsach harp and made no mention of bagpipes.

Bran bardic is from a world ravaged by war for almost a century.

Giants are prominent in Cornish folklore, Breton mythology and Welsh bardic lore.

Its annual bardic competition, the Eisteddfod, is still held in Wales.

Common to both the monastic and the secular bardic schools were Irish and Latin.

Welsh bardic tradition was that he carried his offensive into the heartland of Gwynedd.

Through this she was given the bardic name of ‘Mona Manaw’.

Members of bardic schools were trained in the complex rules and forms of Gaelic poetry.

Members of the clan founded bardic schools throughout Ireland, and also in Scotland.

She has recorded transcribed pibroch together with revived Breton harp repertoire such as medieval bardic lays.

Anyone completing the course would find themselves well equipped for most aspects of bardic life.

And sorrowful were the bardic bands of Ireland after him for grief for him.

The bardic poetry attributed to Taliesin, Aneirin, and Llywarch Hen.

A common bardic activity is the “bardic Circle,” where performers take turns sharing pieces.

A common bardic activity is the ” bardic Circle,” where performers take turns sharing pieces.

It may merely represent an attempt to integrate the bardic family with the local dynasties they served.

bardic Magic in Velgarth seems to be related to other Gifts, especially Empathy.

The recognition and further specialization of the bardic function continued to change, as the societies changed.

Instead of following the bardic profession he entered Dominican Order in Galicia as Dominic de Rosario.

Muziris has found mention in the bardic Tamil literature and a number of classical European historical sources.

The advantage of the bardic circle is that it has a clear structure, which enforces politeness.

bardic tradition, for example, found a refuge in the Celtic Church and was thereby preserved.

The sites under threat are inextricably linked with the harping and bardic traditions for more than 2,500 years.