availability in a sentence

The availability page shows availability and prices.

This offer is subject to limited availability .

All items are offered subject to availability .

availability was more restricted in previous years.

The availability of search term suggestions neither.

availability is limited and apartments are renting fast.

The availability of social workers is essential.

The second obstacle is availability of content.

Provides high network availability and transparent network topology changes.

Online calendar does not reflect last minute availability .

Service provider action is determined greatly by resource availability .

Fresh selections may vary due to product availability .

Emergency managers continually track availability of resources including volunteer responders.

There is hope improved mortgage availability will increase private sector construction.

The greatest concern is power supply availability or redundancy.

Climate change is projected to affect water availability .

This makes prices high and availability reduced.

Local and regional water shortages occur despite ample average water availability .

Initial availability is limited to 25 units.

Nationwide availability is expected by mid 2012.

Commercial availability was more recently estimated as 2018.

Training site selection has been largely based on course availability .

Data availability is further constrained by baseline criteria.

Energy availability is defined as energy intake minus energy expended.