Autism in a sentence

There needs to be more done for people with autism – it’s maddening.

Proceeds benefit JCUSD 100 Special Education and autism Program.

But a heavy-duty jack seemed a bit extreme for the teen, who has autism .

He said he will use other words to describe the autism crisis in the future.

About a year and a half ago her oldest son Karson was diagnosed with autism .

But we still need to raise public awareness about the autism spectrum disorders.

Less than 7 percent of 7,876 claims not involving autism met the 240-day target.

A study that drew a connection between autism and vaccines was retracted in 2010.

Together, we will fill in autism ‘s canvas until a clearer picture comes forward.”

When our oldest entered this school 6 years ago, he was 1 of 2 students with autism .

However, some cases of autism spectrum disorder may have been missed, Szatmari said.

She posted several times that her son had Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism .

The game raises awareness for non-profit organization New York Collaborates for autism .

Millar believes that seal oil can benefit people with autism , diabetes and even cancer.

He claims it can cure a host of diseases, including HIV, malaria, hepatitis and autism .

The two boys, aged nine and 10, suffer from “severe and profound” autism spectrum disorder.

Beegle is calling for training for airline employees on dealing with people who have autism .

Tracey Bullock, her husband and six year old boy with autism plan to participate in the study.

Vaccines cause autism This one’s been debunked over and over but Halsey says it still comes up.

MacDonald was given an honorarium for his participation, which he split with autism Nova Scotia.

Swann combines two of his favorite loves to raise awareness for autism : Running and his son Cavin.

This is a really positive step it when you think about the big groups around around autism .

Babies born too big are at a greater risk of autism , according to a 2013 study conducted in the UK.

Her son Eric Sadowsky, 23, was diagnosed with an autism Spectrum Disorder when he was a small child.

Over 90% of kids with autism have mthfr- it’s a mutation that interferes with folic acid processing.