Authentic Authenticity Authenticate in a sentence

use Authentic Authenticity Authenticate in a sentence


[adjective] not counterfeit or copied;

My grandfather owns an authentic painting by Emily Carr.

The team restoring the old building spent a lot of time working to preserve the authentic 18th century look.

They picked up an authentic Persian rug at the flea market for $500.

No authentic specimens of ancient Roman music have survived to the present day.

The professor will be verifying your footnotes to make sure your research is authentic.


[noun]condition of being genuine;

The authenticity of the newly discovered composition by Mozart has been called into question by a music historian.

The fake paintings are so well done that even the experts were unsure of their authenticity.

The museum is doing tests to determine the authenticity of the painting.


[verb] establish the authenticity of something

The attribution of the long lost manuscript to William Shakespeare has now been authenticated by a team of experts.

The painting allegedly done by Rembrandt just before his death has now been authenticated by an art expert.