Australia in a sentence

I will be leaving for Australia next month.

She wrote a remarkable book about her journey across the Australian desert by camel.

The aborigines of Australia managed and shaped their natural resources for over 40,000 years without ever resorting to farming.

By 1830, the islands of Fiji were flooded with sailors and traders from Australia, New Zealand, China, the U.


and Europe.

The island of Australia harbors many plant and animal species which are not found in any other part of the world.

In 1927, the new city of Canberra replaced Melbourne as the capital of Australia.

Apart from one or two exceptions, marsupials are unique to Australia.

Victor’s parents asked the Australian Embassy to help them get a lawyer for him after he was arrested for supposedly trying to smuggle drugs out of Thailand.

Borndarasophie was very afraid for her family in Cambodia when she first came to Australia.

The Australian swimmer is hoping to prove tonight that he is the fastest man in the world.

Australia has more athletes than ever participating in this year’s Olympic Games.

The dry climate of Australia limits the density and diversity of living things in that land.

North and South Korean athletes marched under a single flag for the first time in Olympic history at the 27th Olympiad at Sydney, Australia.