auctioned off in a sentence

They auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS.

A number of celebrities auctioned off personal items to raise money for the victims of the terrorist attacks.

A number of sketches by John Lennon were auctioned off in London for thousands of dollars.

The estate of artist Andy Warhol was auctioned off after his death.

In North Dakota, a rancher donated five cows that were to be auctioned off at the stockyard in nearby Aberdeen.

There, she was auctioned off as a slave along with 10 other girls.

They are impounded and then eventually auctioned off if not claimed.

The record company eventually declared bankruptcy and was auctioned off.

He recently auctioned off for $172,500 and for $575,000.

There will be pairs of OPSU athletes auctioned off for four hours of labor.

This summer the City of Yellowknife auctioned off two houses for tax arrears.

The seized crab pots and gear will be taken to Olympia and auctioned off online.

Up to $2.5 billion of art is expected to be auctioned off by Christie’s this week.

Any Land still owned by anyone under 16 was auctioned off.