atrocities in a sentence

Japan committed terrible atrocities during the war.

Both sides committed numerous atrocities during the conflict.

Little could be done beyond establishing atrocities had taken place.

There are numerous primary source documents that describe the surgical atrocities .

Hate crimes and atrocities should be promptly punished.

The report documented several incidents of mass atrocities in detail.

The following list of atrocities is not exhaustive.

The rebellion was marked by atrocities on both sides.

He has no doubt these atrocities occur.

The atrocities were carried out indiscriminately and without restraint.

War creates monsters, and monsters commit atrocities .

As a protest against atrocities , statewide agitation began.

They’ve been carrying out atrocities since 1992.

The US increased aid as atrocities declined.

There was violence in Mahabharata against atrocities .

But America has stood by many times while atrocities are committed .

Not all mass graves contain victims of war crimes or atrocities .

And it was long before the worst Nazi atrocities .

Is it legitimate to condemn religion for historical atrocities ?

Over two years have already elapsed since the atrocities occurred.

This “leader and at least some followers commit atrocities .

The policy was intended to spare Poles from greater atrocities .

Discussion of wartime atrocities developed considerably in this period.

Some of the emerging stories featured reports of atrocities .

He was responsible for numerous murders and other atrocities .