atop in a sentence

Celta’s victory saw Real remain atop of La Liga on goal-difference.

The stolen sunglasses were actually sitting atop the winning ticket.

Germany finished atop its group with a goal differential of plus-14.

Many were perched atop cars and climbed trees for a view of the pope.

As of Monday afternoon, the story was atop Google’s U.S. trends list.

The building sits atop the remains of a fifth-century Byzantine church.

Atop the pile he planted a note: “Here’s what I think of your lousy script!”

CAYENNE Turbo S/GTS: Two new sport versions sit atop the Cayenne SUV lineup.

The cinema shuttered long ago; a school has been built atop the golf course.

His departure left a gaping hole atop the COC, which has an interim president.

Montoya started the race with a nine-point lead over Rahal atop the standings.

He glued the tiny workers atop the building along with their even tinier tools.

During his time atop the House, Hastert oversaw an internal investigation of then-U.

Erdogan says the explorer’s own writings revealed a reference to a mosque atop a hill.