at times in a sentence

I get lonely at times.

He gets tough at times.

I get depressed at times.

at times we go for a drive.

at times, I can’t trust him.

Many are lost sheep at times.

You catch a big fish at times.

She drinks a little wine at times.

at times I confuse curve with carve.

at times I feel like quitting my job.

at times I can’t understand him.

We are all apt to be careless at times.

at times the train doesn’t arrive on time.

Even smart folks become absentminded at times.

Be careful, their dog can be quite aggressive at times.

The dialog in the play is actually very poetic at times.

Looking for a job can be a very humiliating experience at times.

My job is quite demanding at times, but I really enjoy it nonetheless.

My job is quite demanding at times, but I really enjoy it, nonetheless.

Teaching children is a very difficult occupation at times, but I love it.

Their son is quite demanding at times, and takes a lot of energy to baby-sit.

The rate of technological change in our society can be somewhat alarming at times.

Our little boy doesn’t normally lie, but he certainly stretches the truth at times.

The furious pace of technological change can be very overwhelming for people at times.

The responsibility of taking care of both a job and a family can be a real strain at times.

It’s very frustrating at times when the boss doesn’t even seem to appreciate anything we do.