at ease in a sentence

The working culture is slightly more at ease .

The murderer suddenly felt ill at ease .

Yet apparently his heart was ill at ease .

She looked harassed and ill at ease .

The entire conference was more casual and at ease .

He makes you feel very at ease .

Put the employee at ease through informal conversation.

Julien was much at ease that night.

That information puts her mind at ease .

He made me feel very at ease .

They really helped put my nerves at ease .

He was at ease before cameras and microphones.

India is ill at ease with alcohol.

Each participant must be put at ease .

Chopra had felt ill at ease since entering the strange domain.

Her charisma made me feel at ease .

So I felt very at ease very quickly.

When at ease , deer are living buck sensors.

He rushed home early , feeling ill at ease .

at ease is not being in the military.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease .

Mum began to look more at ease .

Please can someone put my mind at ease !

I felt at home, at ease .

The good man is naturally at ease with goodness.