at dawn in a sentence

We got up at dawn.

We must get up at dawn.

I was woken up suddenly at dawn.

The enemy attack ceased at dawn.

The earthquake occurred at dawn.

They surprised the enemy at dawn.

The enemy’s attack ceased at dawn.

Step off the train all alone at dawn.

We reached the top of the hills at dawn.

We got up at dawn to avoid a traffic jam.

We hit the hay early in order to get up at dawn.

It was cold at dawn, so I put on another blanket.

A second security source said Asseify was detained at dawn on Monday.

Cougars hunt at any time of day but are most active at dawn and dusk.

Sex traffickers – another group of scum that needs to be hanged at dawn.

The shooting erupted Saturday at dawn when police moved in on the armed group.

“I have no idea what dawn was doing, or who she was doing it with,” Walks says.

Mercury’s closeness to the sun makes it hard to see except at dawn and twilight.