asylum in a sentence

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

Any defectors from that country will be given immediate political asylum.

The government has granted political asylum to those refugees from Kosovo who requested it.

After the government refused their request for asylum, the refugees sought sanctuary in a local church.

King George V of Britain refused political asylum to his cousin Tsar Nicholas II in 1917, shortly afterwards the Russian Royal family was executed by the Bolsheviks.

Hotel Prinz Eugen had been set to receive nearly 100 asylum seekers.

The next day, six asylum-seekers from Iraq were to be settled there.

Birner’s goal is to help asylum seekers integrate into German society.

But Austria also expects nearly 100,000 asylum applications this year.

247589 Germany has proposed setting up asylum centers in North Africa.

Many apply for asylum but quickly try to leave for richer EU countries.

Cuban influx fueled by rumors US will reverse its liberal asylum policy.

Around 81,000 sought asylum in Sweden last year – second only to Germany.

Germany is witnessing an unprecedented surge of asylum seekers this year.

Germany accommodates more asylum seekers than any other European country.

673167 That was enough to convince a refugee official we deserved asylum.

During our party conference we discussed the issue of asylum intensively.

In Europe, over 420,000 have filed applications for asylum, as of August.

491019 More than 80 asylum seekers lived in the temporary refugee shelter.

It was Sweden’s latest attempt to house a record influx of asylum seekers.

He is currently living in Russia after being granted asylum there in 2013.

By far the largest number of asylum seekers have applied to go to Germany.

In order to claim asylum, migrants have to reach European territory first.