Aspire Aspiration in a sentence

use Aspire Aspiration in a sentence


[verb] to have a strong ambition for something;

He aspires to become a teacher.

Most people aspire to owning a car, and buy one as soon as they can afford one.

Your work is beautiful and I can only aspire to become as talented as you.

Perrey aspired to become a physician, but abandoned his initial career path in order to pursue musical opportunities.

The people aspired to be remembered, to become famous.

Although he aspired to attend law school, his father was in poor health and the younger Anschutz moved to Denver to help run the energy business.


[noun] A will to succeed, A strong desire to do something; an ambition;

He is extremely pessimistic and has no aspirations.

She has aspirations to become an interior decorator.

The basic tenet of nationalists is the aspiration to unify the island of Ireland.

Our aspiration is to be the favorite travel company in the world.