asphyxia in a sentence

The pathologist concluded that he had died from asphyxia due to inhaling the gas.

He went on, “We are being asphyxiated for trying to simulate what you did, right?”

The coroner ruled his death a suicide that resulted from asphyxia caused by hanging.

The state’s medical examiner agreed, citing “positional asphyxia” as the cause of death.

Investigators said Wendland, 43, died from asphyxiation and was found gagged and bound in her bed.

Utah recently re-introduced the firing squad and Oklahoma has approved asphyxiation with nitrogen.

Some have drowned, and others were crushed in stampedes or asphyxiated by boat engine fumes.

They want to asphyxiate the Chadian economy by blocking our outlets in Nigeria and Cameroon.”