ascendancy in a sentence

Political ascendancy Pre- Civil War photo of Johnson.

This may be because of the late ascendancy of her cult to prominence.

Despite Borno’s hegemony the Hausa states continued to wrestle for ascendancy.

Mr. Gladstone called them the three branches of the Irish ascendancy upas tree.

The novel tells of the ascendancy of King Arthur and the planting of the seeds of his downfall.

969344 By the 9th century, with the Pandyan ascendancy in southern India, Anuradhapura was sacked.

Friction with the Whig ascendancy Danby had rendered extremely important services to William’s cause.

Both engagements were Russian victories and ensured Russia’s ascendancy in the Aegean for the rest of the war.

193-206 Yeats grew up as a member of the former Protestant ascendancy at the time undergoing a crisis of identity.

View of the Graben, already regularized, ca. 1890. The ascendancy of the Graben resumed at the start of the 19th century.

It signaled the ascendancy of the forces of stable conquest and steady growth over those of dubious and erratic expansion.

However, with Shirkuh’s ascendancy to the vizier position, a number edicts were enacted against the non-Muslim population.

Implications The failure of the siege marked the beginning of Muhammad’s undoubted political ascendancy in the city of Medina.

This is due to threat perceptions seemingly based on the ascendancy of interdisciplinary studies against traditional academia.

Teymourtash visiting Europe as member of Persian Delegation informing European Capitals of the ascendancy of a new Shah (1907).

The ships were abandoned to the Allies, who burnt them, crippling Xerxes’ sea power, and marking the ascendancy of the Allied fleet.