as of yet in a sentence

The police have no suspects as of yet in the murder case.

There are some holes in his theory which haven’t been explained as of yet.

We have a few ideas that are starting to gel, but nothing really solid as of yet.

We have a few ideas that are starting to jell, but nothing really solid as of yet.

He sent his resumé to a number of different companies, but hasn’t found a job as of yet.

His temperature has been fluctuating somewhat all day, but it hasn’t gone too high as of yet.

He has sent his book to a few publishing companies, but hasn’t received any replies as of yet.

Matt has been signed as an affiliate to a hockey team here in the city but has only played a couple of games as of yet.

Over 20 people were injured, some seriously, in a multi-car crash on the highway last night, but luckily there have been no fatalities as of yet.

We have had a constant stream of realtors and potential buyers come to our house since we put it up for sale, but no one has made an offer as of yet.

Also, the oil industry says fracking has not been utilized in the state as of yet.

Dozens have been injured across the region, although no fatalities have been reported as of yet.

as of yet, no source has been identified and there are no known links or contact between the cases.