artistic in a sentence

You can’t abuse this law to restrict artistic freedom.

It was home to a lively artistic and intellectual scene.

Karlis Padegs turned into a legend of Riga’s artistic life.

The family book he made is an example of his artistic side.

Canadian artistic Dies Ltd. of Sherbrooke struck the medal.

In Austria the film was declared “artistically noteworthy”.

‘These are very skillful and artistic works of superb style.

The artistic criterion derived from analogy is stupefaction”.

The participation in an artistic event is fetishized (Ong 42).

Jones and several of his siblings went on to artistic careers.

The new contract allowed Nyro more artistic freedom and control.

In fact, Tsubaki gives him high praise for his artistic ability.

It is unclear if this was really Yat or simply artistic license.

It matters not if people practise artistic free speech for money.

He has a real soft spot for his artistic and sensitive son Gordy.

They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative.

An example of “wide angle” distortion used for artistic purposes.

Journalist/cultural critic Jason King serves as artistic Director.

Others recognized her great variation in tone and artistic talent.