artificial illumination in a sentence

Dark blue also proved effective under artificial illumination during night actions.

It is shaded with artificial illumination to enhance relief.

The Olympiastadion was equipped with the latest technology in artificial illumination and sound equipment.

National Geographic catalogues the sweeping implications of artificial illumination of the night sky on noctural creatures.

Similarly, it has long been known that hens lay more eggs if they are kept under artificial illumination .

Fighting darkness worsened by fog and rain, the regiment was aided by artificial illumination fashioned by Staff Sergeant Otis Hawkins.

But the appearance of countless sources of artificial illumination in areas inhabited by humans now has moths spending the night flying in dizzy circles around electric light bulbs, into flames, or onto the electrocuting grid of bug zappers.

The US Army had been managing a piece of equipment referred to as S-202, which combined four IR cameras, a display, and operator chains, an artificial illumination component (described as “covert – UV,” using Ultraviolet light to provide illumination), and a freeze display function.

They originated before widespread artificial illumination , to allow the time to be determined in the dark, and were also used by the visually impaired.

ABC allowed the game to be played at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon – the only day game of the series, and the last World Series game to date to be played in the daytime (although as the game was played in the Metrodome, the game took place under artificial illumination all the same).

Features that could not be distinguished on the ground or through aerial photography were identified by overlaying hillshades of the DEM created with artificial illumination from various angles.

A middle-class urban American household today spends less than 1 percent of its income on illumination, and consumes more than 100 times as much artificial illumination as did its predecessor of two centuries ago.

The SCNA would have “the necessary night sensors and weapon delivery capability to find and strike targets at night one the first pass without the use of visible artificial illumination .”