arrival in a sentence

Her sudden arrival prevented him from going out.

Have they announced the arrival of flight 561 from Honolulu yet?
My parents were delighted to hear of the arrival of our baby.

The severely injured man was dead on arrival at the hospital.

The president was greeted by the queen on arrival at the palace.

The whole family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby.

The plane’s arrival was delayed by over two hours, due to a snowstorm.

This morning, I heard the great news of the new arrival in your family.

The mother will not be at ease until she hears of her son’s safe arrival.

Oh no! I’m late again!! I’m going to get the nickname ‘King of Late arrival‘.

The victim of the car accident was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Tourism is currently Cambodia’s fastest growing industry, with arrivals up 34% in 2000.

The arrival of the new president at the university has brought many expectations of change.

Patients arriving at the hospital emergency ward are not necessarily treated in order of arrival.

Someone once joked that if your arrival doesn’t improve a party, your departure probably does.

A Portuguese proverb notes that visits always give pleasure – if not at the arrival, then at the departure.

The arrival of the American contingent in the war-torn region was greeted with celebrations in the streets.

The cultural heritage of the native people of this country has survived despite the arrival of the white man.

In 1994, the country of Jordan, overwhelmed by a flood of refugees, closed its border to arrivals from Kuwait and Iraq.

There is a Portuguese proverb which states that visits always give pleasure, if not at the arrival, then at the departure.