around the table in a sentence

The separate dining room has ample space around the table .

Donna threw another big smile around the table .

We enjoy fellowship and food around the table .

And both viewpoints were always well represented around the table .

Charts and labels are commonly positioned around the tables .

The guests are seated around the table on flushing toilets.

Deal then passes clockwise around the table .

There was a general appeal around the tables .

We all sat down and held hands around the table .

I jump up and start dancing around the table .

They didn’t sit but stood around the table .

There was a great deal of gloom around the table .

They always move around the table as a pair.

around the table there are 6 men of different ages.

Or, the family sits around the table .

There was a short, intrigued silence around the table .

He paused at the word and looked around the table .

Notice most of these pictures are around the table !

Deal passes around the table , clockwise, after each hand.

Isobel looked around the table in confusion.

Ask for extra spoons to share around the table .

Do you guys want to quickly go around the table ?

Remove the blank lines from in and around the table .

I constantly wandered around the table , staying close to the action.

Bidding proceeds once around the table and ends with the dealer.