arguably in a sentence

Boxer Muhammad Ali is arguably the most famous figure in modern sport.

arguably the whole venture had been slightly misguided from the start.

arguably they are elevating the process of personal shopping for everyone.

GPs – arguably more so than A&E – are the front door of the health service.

Starbucks arguably would have been in better shape today if it had more data.

In 2003, Lack went into the wilderness and so, arguably, did NBC and NBC News.

China’s action could arguably set a powerful example for other developing nations.

The life of a flying trapeze artist is arguably the most demanding in all of circus.

Creative touch: arguably the most outrageous script that’s ever made it onto an RPG.

But it’s the digital currency Bitcoin that arguably has a starring role in the comedy.

Its companion, the Quick Access Toolbar, is equally noteworthy and arguably more useful.

The arguably most important reminder, do not wrap your gifts if you are carrying them on.

He’s right; it definitely hurts what’s arguably Google’s most important asset: it’s brand.

Nigeria is arguably a country where a massive economic stimulus programme is urgently needed.

It was arguably Bush’s best public statement of the campaign: clear, to the point, and right.

arguably, the ambitions of the super-rich are often not as modest as other people’s ambitions.

918625 We’ve been playing without arguably our top four defencemen for a long time,”” he said.”