arduous in a sentence

The magical training I already knew was very arduous .

It seems he is always being picked for arduous duty.

However the journey towards acceptance has been long and arduous .

It is a long and arduous task.

This is a very tough and arduous course.

Recovery is long and arduous with frequent complications.

It was the worst kind of arduous .

The post of principal was traditionally not arduous .

Reaching the explosion site was an extremely arduous task.

Then began the arduous process of casting.

Even gaining access to legal representation is an arduous process.

Both men had arduous jobs, and were conscientious.

He distinguished himself on several arduous winter Himalayan expeditions.

The arduous journey made Sullivan ill for several months afterward.

His episcopal labours were still more arduous .

The money was useful, the duties not particularly arduous .

The torture scenes are arduous but so real and fear inducing.

Then began the arduous climb to Sinai.

All diary recording is arduous and this was no exception.

Passing this bill is the first arduous step toward energy transformation.

Approach a second CC with more arduous focus.