Aquatic in a sentence

use Aquatic in a sentence


[adjective] growing, being or living in water;

A full selection of sport facilities is offered, from aquatic to field sports.

Bob started his aquatic life as a swimming teacher.

These snakes are semi aquatic and will require a tank which is half water and half dry land.

Unlike many other aquatic mammals, she doesn’t give birth in the sea but on land or on the ice.

Some aquatic stores display colour codes on the aquariums to indicate which species are peaceful with others.

Dissolved aluminium kills vegetation and aquatic life.

This notorious aquatic plant, native of South America, is now found throughout the tropics and sub-tropics.

Fish are aquatic animals.

The biggest problem faced by the world’s aquatic birds are man made.

We also host a wide range of aquatic products to help design and create your own pond or water feature.