approximately in a sentence

Three state agencies oversee approximately 26 early learning programs.

The earliest eruption was approximately 3 million years ago.

He has completed approximately 100 civil jury trials.

The total route is approximately 35 km.

This incremental update occurs approximately every three minutes.

The hours are approximately 50 per week.

The furnace was replaced approximately 5 years ago.

The project cost approximately $10 million.

approximately 150 medical evaluations had been performed.

The table runner is approximately 60″x16″ finished.

There are approximately 55 million mortgages outstanding today.

The expected improvement is approximately 3 mpg.

The overall length is approximately 10″.

The boundary wall completed was approximately 18 metres long.

It has approximately 287 accredited institutional members.

The total land mass is approximately 193 square miles.

This toy is approximately 12″ long.

The toy is approximately 22″ long.

Our intestinal lining replaces itself approximately every 24 hours.

Eggs are laid approximately every 56 hours.

Our default text size is approximately 11 points.