Approval in a sentence

use Approval in a sentence

You must have your parents’ approval before you can go on the field trip.

The new drug is awaiting approval by the FTA before it can be prescribed.

The governor currently has an approval rating of almost 60%.

You require your parents’ approval before you can take part in sex education classes at the school.

Many Americans were outraged by France’s refusal to support the Iraq war without UN approval.

How important to you is your parents’ approval of your marriage?

In December of 1970, the Italian government gave final approval to a law granting divorce in certain circumstances.

Hans Selye once observed that as much as we thirst for approval, we dread condemnation.

This latest opinion poll, with the Prime Minister receiving an approval rating of over 65 percent, has certainly helped to consolidate his hold on the leadership of the party going into next year’s election.