Appreciative in a sentence

use Appreciative in a sentence

The children were quite appreciative of their uncle’s efforts to make their summer holidays at his cabin full of adventure.

George W. Crane once suggested that appreciative words are the most powerful force for good on earth.

A most appreciative audience showered the orchestra with applause, and thus the concert came to a close.

I would like to express how appreciative I am to you.

People are indescribably appreciative of what has been done.

Students are very appreciative of the opportunities offered by a course in creativity, action and service which is designed to develop their lives outside the classroom.

We are very appreciative of their support and therefore sensitive to their concerns.

There was a very appreciative audience for the performance and all tickets were taken.

I am grateful for the many appreciative comments about this evening and feel that it is important that we repeat the exercise in the future.