apple in a sentence

apple meaning:

n.) The fleshy pome or fruit of a rosaceous tree Pyrus malus) cultivated in numberless varieties in the temperate zones.

apple sentence:

She picked me an apple.

He ate all of the apple.

She cut the apple in half.

Please peel an apple for me.

You are the apple of my eye.

Sling me an apple, will you?

We eat pork with apple sauce.

Barry sat munching on an apple.

Apple is becoming an open shop.

Apple and others beg to differ.

I gave each of the boys an apple.

Apple costs five yuan a kilogram.

When should you prune apple trees?

They single out the biggest apple.

A ripe apple dropped from the tree.

One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

My daughter is the apple of my eye.

Pare one small apple and then dice it.

He bit a great chunk out of the apple.