applaud in a sentence

applaud in a sentence

The audience applauded wildly when the band appeared on stage.

The great composer Beethoven was deaf in his later years, and couldn’t hear the applause of his audiences.

I think Frederick should be applauded for his courage in refusing to let the boss push him around.

The applause was polite, but somewhat unenthusiastic, after the first performance of the play.

Please hold your applause until all the students receiving awards have been introduced.

The applause lasted a full fifteen minutes after the end of the performance.

The children smiled proudly as they walked up on stage, to the applause of their parents.

The crowd stood up to applaud when the goal was scored.

The children burst into applause when the clowns appeared on stage.

On his deathbed, Beethoven was heard to say, “Applaud friends, the comedy is over.”

Singer Judy Garland once said that she would rather hear a few words of love from one man than the applause of thousands of people.