Appetizing in a sentence

use Appetizing in a sentence

The meal the children made didn’t look very appetizing, but it tasted pretty good.

The food at that restaurant tastes excellent, and is appetizingly arranged on your plate, as well.

Don’t those cakes look appetizing?

Beef is generally dyed red in order to make it more appetizing looking.

It offers a varied and appetizing menu selection together with imaginative vegetarian dishes.

Health experts advise that you should always believe a small child who indicates he or she has swallowed something, no matter how unappetizing the substance may appear.

The cafeteria’s food wasn’t very appetizing especially when you are vegetarian – and for every meal they always had bread!

Mum made the most appetizing stews and cakes on it, much tastier than anything today.

A rat carefully crawled from its hiding place, lured by the smell of something appetizing.