Appetizer in a sentence

use Appetizer in a sentence

My favorite bar offers free appetizers, like chicken wings, on Friday nights.

We had a delicious little appetizer of crisply fried veggies.

They give out free samples of appetizers in front of the restaurant to attract customers.

My first course was an appetizer of four pieces of salmon on lightly toasted bread.

They served an appetizer plate included some very fresh tasting eggplant, fresh carrots, marinated olives and garlic bread.

It’s perfect to have a Spanish appetizer, a slice of pizza as main course, and some French chocolate crepes for dessert.

She had an appetizer of assorted meats, chicken with mushrooms and creme fraiche, and ice cream for desert.

Unable to make up my mind I opted for a mixed appetizer (£4.95) to share.

It is a perfect lunch salad, or an appetizer to precede a big soup supper.