appearance in a sentence

use Appearance in a sentence

She was paid over $50,000 for a five-second appearance in a television ad.

Look at him: dirty, unshaven. He obviously doesn’t care about his appearance.

The little girl began to cry after the boys in her class teased her about her appearance.

For many men in Somalia, hair is an important feature of their appearance.

The London Evening Standard once suggested that the tanned appearance of many Londoners is not sunburn – it is rust.

 How important is a person’s appearance to you when you are choosing friends?

Police fear that terrorists may try to assassinate the President during his appearance at the summit.

Physical appearance is determined in large part by one’s genetic background.

The young piano player performed brilliantly during his first appearance with the city orchestra.

About 15 percent of all galaxies are irregular and have a chaotic appearance with large clouds of gas and dust mixed with both young and old stars.